Our “Accompagnement Scolaire” (AS) for secondary students is modelled on the successful AS primary programme which started in 2007 for children residing in Vallée-Pitot region and its vicinity. The AS secondary has been introduced in 2014 to target an older age group (from 11-14 age group), to pursue the ongoing support received by the younger children from the AS primary programme. This ensures that they keep improving on the building blocks provided by SOS Poverty in the long-term.

The “Accompagnement Scolaire” has been designed to provide educational support to ensure that the target population receives not only basic literacy and numeracy, but also basic formal education which boosts their employability and readiness to face life challenges as future adults

Its core objective consists mainly at helping out in key fundamental subjects such as Maths, English, French and ICT so that they can leverage the application of the latter in other mainstream subjects on a short to mid-term basis. Additionally, it consists in improving their employability after their mainstream schooling from a long-term perspective.

Our teaching methodologies are pluralised to cater for specific individual needs and positive continuous feedback is provided to boost self-esteem and improve performance.