Provide ICT training at different levels to around 2800 unemployed and underemployed young persons and women from underprivileged communities to increase their employability.  The ICT training programmes are adapted to the requirements of the labour are coupled with social life skills such as CV writing, interview techniques, listening skills, discipline and boost of their self-esteem.

It does justice to a wider number of people including vulnerable groups who need ICT trainings but cannot afford them due to high costs in profit-making bodies and high travelling costs.

In years past, we also provided ICT trainings to staffs of NGOs across Mauritius in our 4 fully equipped Training centres in Port-Louis, Rose-Hill, Rose-Belle and Lallmatie, so as to increase their capacity and provide better services to their respective beneficiaries and the community as a whole.

Objectives of the Project:

  • Bridging the digital divide
  • Bringing ICT training opportunities nearer to more underprivileged communities particularly in the rural regions throughout the country.
  • To enlarge the scope of ICT for development by including literacy programmes (English Literacy using Information Technology- ELIT and Financial Literacy) for the social integration of women and young girls.