The Preschool project started in 1999 to help children residing in Vallée-Pitot and the surrounding region to attend school, hence, freeing their mothers during the day to take up employment.  This project is part of the integrated early childhood development programme associated with a special scheme for the social and economic emancipation of parents, particularly mothers, and is therefore central to the poverty/distress reduction strategy.

The aim of the Preschool project

To provide free quality childcare in a safe and stimulating environment to vulnerable groups of children aged 3 – 5 years old, living in Vallée Pitot and the surrounding region.

The objectives of the Preschool project

  1. Attend to the basic emotional and physical needs of vulnerable children aged 3 to 5 in a friendly and stimulating environment.
  2. Provide a healthy diet to children who come from underprivileged families, where parents cannot afford well-balanced meals for them.
  3. Offer free medical and psychological checks to monitor the development of children.
  4. Ensure children obtain the best preparation for primary school by employing well-qualified and trained staff.
  5. Deliver a programme based on the National Curriculum Framework prescribed by the Early Childhood Care and Education Authority.
  6. Empower mothers to take up employment while their toddlers are at preschool.
  7. Encourage parents to participate actively in the development of their children.