The project of “Accompagnement Scolaire (AS)” for primary school students started in 2007 to help children residing in Vallée-Pitot and its surrounding regions to attend and succeed in their educational venture. It mainly aimed at helping the children achieve better results in CPE subjects and therefore be better prepared for the secondary school programme.

The project now aims to enhance student engagement in learning and to maximise student chances for success within the new educational reforms. Focus is placed on the use of ICT in classrooms by using Interactive whiteboards and individual tablets to create an e-learning platform. It is hoped that pupils, especially those with learning difficulties, can develop new skill sets for success.

The project consists in supporting children in fundamental subjects such as Mathematics, English, French and ICT so that they can leverage the application of these subjects in other areas. Our teaching methodologies are diversified to cater for specific individual needs. As well, positive continuous feedback is provided to boost self-esteem and improve performance. From a long-term perspective, it aims to improve the students’ future employability.


The project aims at meeting individual learning needs by providing children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds with personal and psycho-social support. We also provide them with  differentiated educational tools to help them succeed at school


  • To help children catch up with the school curriculum in core and non-core subjects.
  • Use of a Smart Classroom to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Provide life skills to underprivileged children so as to prevent chronic absenteeism and school drop-outs.
  • Offer psychological help for those with learning difficulties.
  • Help parents understand the Nine-Year Schooling reforms so that they can make informed decisions.
  • Break the vicious circle of poverty by encouraging parents and children to understand the link between education and work.